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Company News
Company News

Screw the choice of materials from the following aspects to consider

Views: 62Date: 2013-09-12Typeface: Big Small
Production to meet the expectations of the screw with its prerequisite is to choose good raw materials, today we want and we explore is the question about the screw material selection:

1, the working conditions of the corrosion resistance of the material requirements. Some standard parts screws used in the network can be highly corrosive products above, which requires us to choose strong corrosion resistance and screw wire.

2, the screw in the mechanical properties of materials, in particular strength requirements. Some screws require relatively high intensity, then screw the material itself on the choice of higher intensity.

3, the production process in terms of material processing performance requirements. In the production process some screws wire better processing, some of the more difficult aspects of hardness relatively hard. This requires us to choose the appropriate screws hardness materials conducive to processing.

4, other aspects, such as weight, price, purchase of various factors must be considered. Stainless steel screws own weight, price, purchase materials and other factors affect the choice of the screw, proper consideration of these aspects it may be better to choose the screw material.

5, the working temperature of the heat resistance of the material (high-temperature strength, oxidation resistance) requirements. Some of the screws used in high temperature operating conditions, which requires high temperature performance we choose the screw material.