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Company News
Company News

Fasteners new requirements in the new era

Views: 60Date: 2013-09-12Typeface: Big Small
For the current 21st century, Vientiane update, it has been steadily progressing for fasteners, in terms of technology, the economy, in particular the macro security, human society on fasteners made new demands, especially in the mechanical properties of the requirements, the need to improve integrated:

1, there must be more extensive versatility and interchangeability;

2, lower production and installation costs;

3, the reliability is more important, longer life;

4, with the overall performance, there must be controllable, installation quality and controllability can be elastic is very important;

5, to provide effective fastening technology;

6, protecting the environment is very urgent, the fastener manufacturing process has made a strong improvement in pollution requirements;

7, must meet the requirements of new materials, self-tapping screws, to adapt to the new structures, new materials, connections, technical improvements to the existing fasteners;

8, to meet the requirements of aerospace and other special circumstances.