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Industry News
Industry News

BAFD Meeting to Focus on Causes of Fastener Failure

Views: 49Date: 2014-05-05Typeface: Big Small
    The October meeting of the British Association of Fastener Distributors will focus on why certain types of fasteners are vulnerable to failure, why the causes are not always as straightforward as is sometimes assumed and what fastener companies can do both technically and legally to minimize exposure to consequential liability claims. A special trial membership package opens this very important meeting to UK fastener distributors generally.

    As events in San Francisco over recent months have dramatically demonstrated the consequences of fastener failure can be massive and extraordinarily expensive. Fastener suppliers are often the first to be accused of responsibility even though subsequent investigation may prove that environmental factors were a major contribution.

    Bill Eccles of Bolt Science, recognized as one of the UK’s leading specialists in fastener failure analysis, will look specifically at failure as a result of hydrogen embrittlement, exploring both causes emanating from the production and coating of high strength fasteners and environmental contamination of these fasteners once in application and under stress. He will also identify fastener types particularly vulnerable to these types of failure. The Association is also hoping to have a speaker considering liability insurance and how best to ensure fastener companies are best covered. 

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