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Company News
Company News

2020 Japan Tokyo International Machinery Parts and Technology Exhibition

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2020 Japan Tokyo International Machinery Parts and Technology Exhibition

Japan Tokyo International Machinery Parts and Technology Exhibition

Date: February 26-28, 2020

Venue: Makuhari Messe, Japan

Booth No .: 21-33

   Organizer: Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.

We will have professionals introduce you to our products

Face-to-face communication, providing more professional and more excellent service

We sincerely invite you and your company representative visit our booth

Exhibition Features

1. Asia's largest trade show for samples and samples of non-standard parts.

Tokyo Machinery Elements and Technology Exhibition [M-Tech] is the largest contracted sample in Asia.

Come to map the international exhibition of processing and subcontracting, subcontracting parts processing business!Here you can see the world's leading fasteners,

castings, cutting parts, industrial hardware,various mechanical parts and processing technologies such as standard and non-standard parts.

2. One-stop shopping, you can compare the machine parts and processing technology of 2,030 * exhibitors at the same time!

Please bring your design drawings and prototypes!

The 2020 exhibition will bring together 2,030 * mechanical processing companies focusing on mechanical parts / industrial hardware / surface treatment.

Here you can not only refer to and compare multiple enterprise products, but also collect the industry-leading information you need in one stop.

For example, "miniaturization technology for product miniaturization", "lightweight components" and "VA / VE countermeasures".

3. Compare the best platforms for Chinese suppliers!

2020 Tokyo Machinery Elements Exhibition will come from China, Shandong, Shanghai, Shenzhen,

Dongguan, Zhengzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Dalian, etc.200 * excellent parts suppliers exhibited.

It is your best one-stop platform to compare domestic excellent parts suppliers, develop new products, and find new suppliers!

Range of exhibition

Transmission and automation: bearings, transmission shafts, gearboxes, reducers, belts, chains; motors, motors, motor drives, controllers;

hydraulic technology, pneumatic technology, sealing technology, test and measurement instruments, sensors, etc .;

Mechanical materials and machining: stainless steel, titanium, inconel processing, cutting, stamping, forging, casting, die-casting and other processing technologies;

pipes, fittings, joints, valves, flanges;spring forming machines, various springs, fine,super Precision cutting, ultra-precision machining, fine ultra-precision laser processing,

lubricants,anti-wear coatings,anti-friction, anti-wear materials, washing machines, dryers, recycling machines, cleaning outsourcing services;

Metal processing, machine tools and tools exhibition: large parts cutting, large parts stamping, large sheet metal processing,brazing, welding process, adhesives, cutting processing,

cutting tools, carbide tools, tools and fixtures, end mills, spindles;Abrasives; Surface treatment and modification technology; Various sandblasting technologies, barrel polishing, etc .;

Fastener and Fixing Technology Exhibition: Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Rivets; Hardware Accessories, Hinges, Braces, Rods, Casters;

Factory Automation: 3D Printing Technology, Industrial Design, Production and Process Planning, Visual Presentation, Simulation Technology,

Computer Graphics Simulation, mechanical engineering / automation, process synthesis, order processing and technical sales, industrial software,

infrastructure and development tools, machine manufacturing software, production software, network solutions and services;