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Company News
Company News

March 15 International Consumer Rights Day

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March 15 International Consumer Rights Day-Makes Consumption More Reassuring

The annual International Consumer Rights Day of March 15th is coming to us in the spring breeze. March 15th is a prominent symbol for consumers to safeguard their rights and interests.

Regardless of gender, age, occupation, we all have a common name-consumer.

How to defend rights?

Before buying:

1. Know the product attributesRegarding the product's own type, specifications, performance, raw materials, structure, certification,ex-factory date, consumption period, instructions for use, after-sales service and other related information about the product itself,as well as trademarks, manufacturers, production places, distributors, etc. The situation should be understood as much as possible.

2. Save the proof of purchaseWhen purchasing goods on the International Consumer Rights Day, sellers are required to produce invoices,receipts or other written certification materials as far as possible, so that they can effectively make claims when they are infringed.

After purchase:

1. Automatically negotiate with the merchant

When it is found that the purchase of the product does not meet their own needs,

the first time to negotiate and communicate with the merchant, pointing out that their purchase purpose does not meet the product,

and apply for replacement or return.Also make a reasonable claim. Sometimes consumers' claims exceed the necessary losses, and there is no room for merchants to maneuver.

Then there is the law and order, to solve the problem of consumption in terms of consumption. It is not appropriate to take excessive rights protection.

If the problem cannot be solved in this case, then there is no way to communicate with the merchant through other channels It is okay to find consumer associations and administrative departments.

2. Rights protection approach

① Online purchase-no reason to return or exchange within seven days.

Starting from March 15, 2014, for online shopping,the products do not meet their needs, buyers can return and exchange without reason for seven days from the date of receipt.

The premise of no reason to return or exchange is that the product has not been unpacked.

②12315 Rights Protection

In the case of failure to communicate with the merchant, you can dial 12315 to protect rights through legal channels.

This approach is the most direct and effective way to find legal rights. The most effective punishment can be given to illegal merchants. Before using 12315 rights protection,

it is best to retain valid evidence of merchants' improper transactions.

③ Media exposure rights protection

For the illegal and merchants with background and influence, various negotiation channels and various rights protection are blocked,

they can expose their illegal behavior through various media (television station, website, Weibo, etc.),

through the pressure of public opinion and the attention of senior government officials Come to defend rights in depth.

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