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Company News
Company News

May Fourth Youth Festival sings for youth

Views: 9Date: 2020-05-19Typeface: Big Small

The May 4th Youth Day originated from China's anti-imperialist patriotic "May 4th Movement" in 1919. The May 4th Patriotic Movement was a complete patriotic movement against imperialism and feudalism. In 1939, the Northwest Youth Salvation Federation of the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region designated May 4 as the Chinese Youth Day. 

In December 1949, the Government Administration Council of the Central People's Government of China officially declared May 4 as the Chinese Youth Day.

During the Youth Day, various commemorative activities should be held in various parts of China. The youth must also focus on various social volunteering and social practice activities. 

There are also many places where adult ceremonies are held during the Youth Day. The core content of the May 4th spirit is "patriotism, progress, democracy, and science."

Juvenile prosperity is national prosperity, juvenile prosperity is national prosperity. We must adapt to the requirements of the development of the times, correctly understand the history and reality of the motherland, enhance the patriotic emotions and the sense of responsibility to revitalize the motherland, and like the older generation of revolutionaries and our respected Premier Zhou Enlai "reading for the rise of China" and establish patriotism.The idea of doctrine, diligent study for the revitalization of China, forge ahead, self-improvement, hard work, tenacious struggle, truly turn the patriotic ambition into a trip to serve the  country,and contribute its own strength to creating a brilliant future for the motherland!

2020 is a special year for everyone. The epidemic situation came unprepared. Many post-90s, post-95s and even post-00s have shouldered the important task of fighting the epidemic, rushing to the front line of anti-epidemic, youth, blooming in retrograde!Retrograde without regret, the power of youth is the mission. 

In the fight against "epidemic disease", they used "action" to help them: they are the new youth who consciously invite the war to be a good "gatekeeper" in epidemic prevention; they are young volunteers who actively take part in epidemic prevention activities.They used their responsibilities and responsibilities on all fronts to build up a "copper wall and iron wall" for epidemic prevention and control, and polished the background of the new Chinese youth.