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Stainless steel hex screws standard parts during heat treatment What are the problems

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Combination of stainless steel hexagonal screws and other hardware standards in the heat treatment process often some deficiencies, these deficiencies brought to its quality to a certain extent, mainly in the following aspects:

When crystals of austenite after quenching are generally used to continue to refine it, so that there can be up to standard austenitic impact, but some will be some time or fracture phenomenon.

There are some standard parts is no way for bainite, Wilcoxon and other coarse crystals left behind by improving, for this phenomenon we generally called the standard parts of the genetic organization, if really want to eliminate these organizations, is required in the heating process to take intermediate annealing.

The face of these deficiencies, we first thought is how to solve the problem, the only way we can guarantee will not be such a problem, for a company that comes to mind is how to improve these deficiencies can be self-innovation, transformation heat treatment technology improve the treatment of deficiencies, so not only can improve the process of heat treatment success rate, and also to reduce costs, so stainless steel hex screws standard parts quality reaches a qualitative improvement.

In normal circumstances, the standard heat treatment conducted overheating, then we can get is the expression of austenite grains, there may even be a performance standard parts appear greatly reduced.

When we conduct the heat treatment, when the question if needed long, or is relatively high, then there may be more than the tolerance range of standard parts, and finally lead to gradually becomes large austenite grains up when large after standard parts will result in brittle, ductile become very poor.