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Screw forming, resulting in poor head several reasons

Views: 59Date: 2013-09-12Typeface: Big Small
According to experts Chong River fasteners. Gay experience and theoretical analysis, to answer your questions screw cold heading forming several frequently encountered several bad for your reference:

1, the head cracking: Material problems or a die with an error (such as playing pan head with hex washer head of a die), as well as lubricants reason

2, head tilt: a punch poor installation and improper conditioners

3, the eccentric: two punch poor installation and improper conditioners

4, the crack angle: punch needle punch and fight rupture or two-phase model is not heavy

5, the head is not round: an inappropriate choice or a die punch forming not full

6, playing die cracks: play mode or play mode rupture R angle properly, so play mode two collision scraping

7, flash: a punch forming bad, mainly between the punch and the die hole punch gap is too large or too short causing

8, head double: a poor punch forming