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We're manufacturing experts. We make precision cold formed, stamped and machined components and assemblies and we have a broad range of manufacturing capabilities.


The accessories we produced are widely used in the fields of Automotive, Bicycle, Motorcycles, Scooter and other Traffic industries..


What is the quality of hinge screws?
When selecting and purchasing hinges, they can be identified by weight. Good hinges are made of cold-rolled steel plates, which are pressed into shape. They not only have a thick feel, but also have a smooth surface. At the same time, their thick coating is not easy to rust. On the contrary, the inferior hinge is made of thin iron sheet, with light weight and no resilience. Over time, it will lose its elasticity and make the cabinet door loose. The inferior hinges are mostly made in small workshops, with rough workmanship, dark surface color, easy to rust and short service life. In addition, the hinge material should be considered when purchasing. The hinges on the market are divided into cold-rolled steel and stainless steel. The former has bright surface, high strength and is easy to rust in wet environment. The latter has good toughness, corrosion resistance and is more expensive than cold-rolled steel.

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The World Hardware Factory use According to machine functions, our factory is divided into a cold headed screw department, a cold headed nut department, a CNC automatic workshop and other departments. We can independently manufacture high precision fastening pieces out of different materials, structures and specifications. All key equipments are imported from Taiwan and Japan to ensure an excellent performance.

Quality Department

Quality Testing Laboratory To ensure that each batch of products perfectly satisfies customer requirements, World Hardware Factory employs special laboratory and testing personnel to strictly control the quality of each process from raw material testing to finished-product testing.