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About deburring

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About deburring

Small processes such as deburring and chamfering are often not to be underestimated in the work


Burr in the feed direction (entrance and exit burr) during processing, and burr in the cutting direction

There are four categories of methods to solve burrs

Coarse (hard contact): Cutting, grinding, filing and scraping are included in this category.

Ordinary level (soft contact): In this category, there are belt grinding, grinding, elastic wheel grinding and polishing.

Precision level (flexible contact): In this category, there are washing processing, electrochemical processing, electrolytic grinding and rolling processing.

Ultra-precision level (precision contact): In this category, there are abrasive flow deburring, magnetic grinding deburring, electrolytic deburring, thermal deburring, and dense radium ultrasonic deburring. These deburring methods can obtain sufficient Parts processing accuracy.

When choosing a deburring method, we must consider many factors, such as the material characteristics, structural shape, size and precision of the part, especially the surface roughness, dimensional tolerance, deformation, and residual stress.


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